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“Gayantam Trayate Iti Gayathri”

From 9/11/16(Sunday) Onwards 

Every Saturday & Sunday @ 7.30 am to  9.30 am at the Temple


With the benign blessings & guidance of HHSSS Paramacharyal  & Sri Matha Gayathri,  Gayathri Maha Yagnam will be performed at your temple.  The inaugural event will be on 9/11/16 – Sunday from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Significance of Gayathri Mantra:

“Na Gayatrayaha Param Mantram”  - Gayathri Mantram is superior to all the Mantras.  


In the words of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai:


“The Gayatri is a universal prayer enshrined in the Vedas. It is addressed to the Immanent and Transcendent Divine which has been given the name 'Savita,' meaning 'that from which all this is born.' The Gayatri may be considered as having three parts - (i) Adoration (ii) Meditation (iii) Prayer. First the Divine is praised, then It is meditated upon in reverence and finally an appeal is made to the Divine to awaken and strengthen the intellect, the discriminating faculty of man.

The Gayatri is considered as the essence of the Vedas. Veda means knowledge, and this prayer fosters and sharpens the knowledge-yielding faculty. As a matter of fact the four core-declarations enshrined in the four Vedas are implied in this Gayatri mantra.”

Gayatri is the Mother of all scriptures (Vedas). She is present, wherever Her name is chanted. She is very powerful. The One who nourishes the individual being is Gayatri. She bestows pure thoughts on anyone who worships Her. She is the embodiment of all Goddesses. Our very breath is Gayatri, our faith in existence is Gayatri. Gayatri has five faces, they are the five life principles. She has nine descriptions, they are ‘Om, Bhur, Bhuvah, Swah, Tat, Savitur, Vareñyaṃ, Bhargo, Devasya’. Mother Gayatri nourishes and protects every being and she channelizes our senses in the proper direction. ‘Dhīmahi’ means meditation. We pray to her to inspire us with good intelligence. ‘Dhīyo Yonah Prachodayāt’ - We beseech her to bestow on us everything we need. Thus Gayatri is a complete prayer for protection, nourishment and finally, liberation.”


We invite all of you to participate in this very sacred Gayathri Homam starting from 9/11/16.   We strongly encourage School/College children to come and participate in this year long event and seek the blessings of Matha Gayathri to sharpen their memory & intellect.


Event Sponsorship Welcome!!  

One day Homam sponsorship - Suggested donation $ 151.00

Two days - $ 251.00

Dasha Laksha Gayathri Yagnam Grand sponsorship - $ 7500.00

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